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Keyword ID - reverse lookup

  1. Hi,

    Keyword enhanced search seems to require knowledge of the ID's for given keywords.

    It would be nice if we could perform a kind of 'reverse-lookup' of strings which would return the Keyword ID's to use to enhance search.

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  2. Getty Images Matt4 years ago

    Hi... you don't actually need to use the KeywordIds query parameter in order to run a keyword search. Instead, you simply use SearchPhrase, which is the same thing as doing a search via the search box on

    If it's the IDs you're after, you can grab those from the SearchForImages response.

    But your idea for a reverse-lookup function is an interesting idea, thanks for submitting it!

  3. MemoryBoxNetwork_connect4 years ago

    Hi Matt, Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, you're right of course regarding the search string, although I think that doing searches using keyword id's and then using a string search for the same values results in slightly different sets of results (I'm guessing it's because the keyword ids constrain the search to the specific concepts they are associated to, while the strings are associated with any occurrence in the metadata including concepts, caption fields etc...).

    The motivation for the suggestion was the reverse lookup (or something) - it was just to get at the structured metadata. Knowing that you can search for for certain concepts which are represented in the metadata AND knowing what those concepts are - before searching.

    Having said that, the API as-is is great, and there's plenty data supporting the assets already.

    Thanks again for the quick and positive response!

  4. Getty Images Matt4 years ago

    While this isn't exactly what we're talking about, our Linked Data efforts are one way of getting images of specific people, if that's what you're after.

  5. henol7 months ago

    I just came here for my same query . Thanks

  6. Getty Images Matt7 months ago

    Hi... was there something specific you'd like to know more about?

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