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Fetching preview images over HTTPS

  1. Is it possible to fetch the preview images, resulting from a search, over HTTPS ?

    The application I am working on requires that the page my JavaScript is on is served over HTTPS. On that page I call the Getty Images API using HTTPS. All good so far.

    Once I have done a search however, the link to the preview/thumb images in the result are always HTTP URIs, starting with:

    This isn't good, as in my application I'm not allowed to have mixed HTTPS and HTTP resources on the page.

    I tried simply requesting the images using HTTPS at the same URI. That didn't work as the Akamai CDN servers that are serving the images don't have the correct certificates in place to match the host names.

    So, is it possible to get the preview/thumb images over HTTPS and if so, how ?

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  2. Andrew Norman2 years ago

    Anyone ?

  3. Getty Images Matt1 year ago

    Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. We do not at this time have HTTPS URLs, but it's something on our backlog. I can let you know once these are available. There's no schedule yet, but I'm hoping to have something in place by Q3.

  4. adoora_gettyapi1 year ago

    Hello, we are really interested in this feature as well. Our application is served via TLS and when we display the getty images previews in plain http the browsers complain loudly damaging the user experience.

  5. Andrew Norman1 year ago

    Because of this issue we simply weren't able to use Getty for our project. The other image library we were forced to switch to uses HTTPS for the image previews.

  6. Andrew Norman7 months ago

    So, any progress on this in the last year ?

  7. Getty Images Matt7 months ago

    Hi... we actually just started providing HTTPS URLs for display sizes as of Friday, March 31. Example:

    1. "display_sizes": [
    2.         {
    3.           "is_watermarked": true,
    4.           "name": "comp",
    5.           "uri": ""
    6.         },
    7.         {
    8.           "is_watermarked": true,
    9.           "name": "preview",
    10.           "uri": ""
    11.         },
    12.         {
    13.           "is_watermarked": false,
    14.           "name": "thumb",
    15.           "uri": ""
    16.         }
    17.       ]
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