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/oauth2/token - Client Credentials - Returns Null Value

  1. I'm having some problems to request the token for authentication. I have two API Keys.

    I'm doing the requests via C#, the request with the first key returns:

    { "access_token": null, "token_type": "Bearer", "expires_in": "0", "refresh_token": null }

    Using the same key in the Swagger UI, to do the same request, return the same null value:

    { "access_token": null, "token_type": "Bearer", "expires_in": "0", "refresh_token": null }

    Using the second key, i can get the token, but when i call the download API, i get this return:

    "NoDownloadAuthorization - No download authorization were found for asset . Perhaps the user has no active product types."

    Is there any additional configuration that I can do?

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  2. Getty Images Matt2 years ago

    Hi... your test account had expired. I've turned it back on, but you'll want to reach out to your Getty Images rep, Eugene, to discuss options for continued access.


  3. Nishesh1 year ago

    "Authorization: Bearer <your-token>". The TOKEN is Secret "xyz". xyx is my token or not and one more thing the Secret in the Connect Embed: 5 QPS or in Getty Test: Sandbox... I am getting in responce

    { "pragma": "no-cache", "date": "Mon, 22 May 2017 10:22:18 GMT", "www-authenticate": "Bearer realm=\"Download\",error=\"invalid_token\",error_description=\"The access token is malformed\"", "server": "Mashery Proxy", "x-mashery-responder": "", "x-powered-by": "ASP.NET, ARR/3.0, ASP.NET", "access-control-max-age": "3600", "access-control-allow-methods": "OPTIONS, POST, GET, PUT, DELETE", "cache-control": "no-cache,no-cache", "gi-coordination-id": "auto_-z8koyz2vvEWms2A-UepRBw", "connection": "keep-alive", "x-robots-tag": "noindex", "access-control-allow-headers": "Origin, Accept, Content-Type, Accept-Language, Api-Key, Authorization", "content-length": "0", "expires": "-1", "content-type": null }

  4. Paul Krug1 year ago

    Could you please post your request? Don't include your key/secret information though.

  5. Valentin11 months ago

    Hello, I have similar problems with /downloads

    Trying to access random id after /search/images and start playing around with id="200250467-001"

    And it requires Authorization ( in the only one true format of 'Bearer {token}'. which I unfortunately did't know.

    My plan was to get auth token via POST /oauth2/token and public/secret key so I got this in responce. And any tryouts of using it and part of it, failed with: "www-authenticate": "Bearer realm=\"Download\",error=\"invalid_token\",error_description=\"The access token is malformed\"",

    { "access_token": "g434UQqqneKU6zQTQJIvePUKeM+E+vE9BYpuj5J+PCN3uHBMy4CF8mlLCE70YZ/ZDKRjUNbbtS9L1WW0d/zEgZU5Wz2DcGrJl+Wds8KhotfV6JJmDS/2uhLwO+wKxWxS1nEz10AjefxeZAi2AdYKwIIiRd7T9nDQvXMjVBp/ng8=|77u/eFhtNHRyWTNYL2VLNkppMURpK1oKMjkxNjYKODU1ODc1MApYY0ZqREE9PQpaY2hqREE9PQoxCm5ldDlqeG1zOXZ4Z3pzNXI1Ynk4cDdjNAoxMjguNzIuMTc2LjIxNwowCjI5MTY2ClhjRmpEQT09CjI5MTY2CjAKCgo=|3|1|1", "token_type": "Bearer", "expires_in": "1413" }

    Best Regards, Valentin

  6. Mark Pitman11 months ago

    I'm guessing you are passing the entire JSON response into the Authentication header. You only need to pass the value of the access_token property. Something like this:

    Authentication: Bearer zxujhsdjhubsdjhvcbsdfhbsdfkjbsdfkjbckhzxbcukhybsdfu7834uihbfdkbd

  7. Valentin11 months ago

    Thanks alot! Yes, it needs Bearer and access-token in authorization field.

    Could you please explain, how I could actually have non "sandbox" account for my app?

    Now I got always the same responce for diff ids

    Request URL Response Body { "uri": "" }


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