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  1. Do you have somewhere a format for the getty Images request file? I got a generic request, got key and secret key. I can't find the format of the request. Many thanks!

    Message edited by Jessica45 5 months ago

  2. Jessica4511 months ago

    In addition, I am getting a message "Account Inactive".

  3. Mark Pitman11 months ago

    If you're trying to make a Client Credentials OAuth call, take a look at our documentation.

  4. Nishesh5 months ago

    where i find my "Authorization: Bearer <your-token>"

  5. Paul Krug5 months ago

    Use the Client Credentials request as in the documentation Mark pointed to. This will return a token string that you then put in place of "<your-token>" in the Authorization header. Be sure to prefix the token with "Bearer ", including the space.

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