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Jan. 13, 2016 - New metadata field for images: "name"

  1. The /images and /images/id endpoints now provide you with a handy size name as part of the "downloads" and "download_sizes" field. These names match those used on and

          "bytes": 78106,
          "height": 594,
          "media_type": "image/jpeg",
          "name": "Small",
          "width": 395
          "bytes": 89235,
          "height": 1024,
          "media_type": "image/jpeg",
          "name": "Medium",
          "width": 681
          "bytes": 1662969,
          "height": 5196,
          "media_type": "image/jpeg",
          "name": "Large",
          "width": 3458

    Most files will have a name, though some may not. Those that do not will provide a "null" value for the name field.


    -Matt API Product Manager

    Message edited by Getty Images Matt 9 months ago

  2. Contidio_gettyapi9 months ago

    Hello yes I have a question. Is this name related to the "size_name" that comes back from /downloads API - if yes how can I match values "high" and "super" coming from /downloads - it is not present in asset downloads list (but some of those contain null size names). Please advise...

  3. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    Hi... the "super" size_name provided in the GET /downloads response is the same file as the one with the "large" size_name in the "downloads" field in the GET /images response.

    Can you provide me with the ID for an image that you're seeing with a "high" size_name from /downloads?

  4. Contidio_gettyapi9 months ago

    Thanks for your help! Yes, e.g. 833976612 or 1193254159 or 1203514218 (its many)

  5. Contidio_gettyapi9 months ago

    Also, 672809914

  6. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    Thanks for the examples. Only the last image ID, 672809914, seems to be valid. But it's enough to run a test.

    The "high" size_name in the GET /downloads response is the same file as the "large" file from GET /images.

  7. Contidio_gettyapi9 months ago

    Hi so "super" and "high" is both "large", correct? I also now see "eps" do you know the mapping there?

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