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Best way to call Download API

  1. Hi support,

    In my project I have an automatic process for import images by specific event, now I call your api with this sequence:

    1. Get Token form endpoint "/oauth2/token - Client Credential" with my API Key and API Secret
    2. Search Images from endpoint "/search/images" with these parameters :
      • Event_ids
      • fields=event_ids,caption,display_set,title,largest_downloads
      • sort_order=newest
    3. With the call before I have into "largest_downloads" filed the uri of downloads enpoint to call for get the full size resolution image and I call the download endpoint for all images.

    There is an another best way for get the download url?

    Is possible with a single call get the download image url for a list?

    Thanks for your support

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  2. Paul Krug8 months ago

    If you're asking about getting download uris for a list of images returned by search, the specifying "largest_downloads" is the correct way. You won't get a list, but each image in the result will have the download uri.

    If you're asking about a way to call the /downloads with a list of uris, we don't currently have a way of doing that.

    So it sounds as though you are following the right workflow.

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