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Can I use the embed functionality for my early stage startup

    • tanaya
    • Topic created 8 months ago

    Hi , I am looking for few pics to post on my fb page and newsletters and blog.Its an early stage startup and we need few high resolution pics for our yet to publish fb page.Can anybody throw some light if I am able to use the embed functionality and get some pics?Or shall i use the API key to get some images?Or if its for my business purpose I need to buy it?ANy suggestions would be helpful

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  1. Getty Images Matt8 months ago

    Hi... because you'd be using these images images to support your business, you'd need to purchase a license. Our embeddable images can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Additionally, when you use an embeddable image, you need to use the oEmbed URL on your site, which places the image along with our logo, photographer name, link to, etc. If you just need a few images, I'd suggest checking out to purchase some credits and download a few photos.

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