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Search images by Japanese letter

  1. Currently I cannot search images by Japanese.

    It happened from last week. my code is;

    1. header("Accept-Language:ja; charset=utf-8");
    2.         $app_key = "foo";
    3.         $app_secret = "bar";
    5.         $client = new GettyImages_Client($app_key,$app_secret);
    6.         $response = $client->Search()->Images()->withPhrase($keyword)->withPageSize(100)->withPage($page)->withResponseField("display_set,title")->execute();

    like this, and the keywords are already URL encoded. im using laravel.

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  2. Getty Images Matt8 months ago

    Hi... we are unable to reproduce this issue. In our tests, setting the accept-language parameter to "ja" lets us search using Japanese characters, and we receive Japanese keywords in the responses.

    We looked at your incoming calls from the past 7 days and do not seeing any instances of "ja" in the accept-language header until yesterday, March 5 when there were 6 instances of "ja" being used. Over that same time period, though, there were many instances of "en-us" in your requests, and also many instances of NULL.

  3. geechs_gettyapi8 months ago

    thank you for your reply.

    maybe the 6 instances of 'ja' was made by me, I looked up this page and try to use 'accept-language' setting but it doesn't worked. (I got 'null' response)

    the Getty images api seems working correctly, I think I need to do something when I call apis.

  4. geechs_gettyapi8 months ago

    by the way, when I try on safari, I cannot search Japanese keywords, but on chrome I can search Japanese keywords.

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