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search problem by japanes word

  1. Do you know how can we fix only Japanese key word. I have tried header("Content-Language: ja ; charset=utf-8");

    Message edited by geechs_gettyapi 5 months ago

  2. Mark Pitman6 months ago

    Use the Accept-Language header in your request. Content-Language is a response header.

  3. geechs_gettyapi6 months ago

    header("Accept-Language:ja; charset=utf-8"); but not working

  4. Mark Pitman6 months ago

    Can you give a little more information about what you are seeing vs. what you are expecting? I am able to get results back with this cUrl command:

    1. curl -X GET \
    2.   '' \
    3.   -H 'accept: application/json' \
    4.   -H 'accept-language: ja' \
    5.   -H 'api-key: YOUR_API_KEY'
  5. geechs_gettyapi5 months ago

    i have application to search image from amazon, gettyImage and other Japanese site with contract. We use to Javascripts search image. we can search image in English key word. we can search Japanese keyword in other web site. but we can not search in gettyimage site. we checked Japanese encoding is ok . could you please give me suggestion?

  6. Mark Pitman5 months ago

    Can you give us more information about the request you are sending? As you can see in my example above, you will need to send an HTTP header Accept-Language: ja in order to send in Japanese search phrases. You may also need to URL Encode the string.

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