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Different search results

  1. When i test search in "" page i get much more result than in regular get request. And response is different for same word phrase. Why is that?

    Message edited by gnktspnk 7 months ago

  2. Mark Pitman1 year ago

    The API key you receive when signing up through self-service has a smaller set of images available. A paid license agreement is required to gain access to more images.

  3. snip_api8 months ago

    I noticed I have the same problem although I have a paid subscription. What could be the reason for that?

  4. Getty Images Matt8 months ago

    Hi... your key is set up so that it limits the search results to content from your Editorial Subscription. A search on will show all images from our catalog unless you manually filter the results to your Editorial Subscription. Similarly, the Try The API page is not connected to your API key and will thus show different images.

  5. snip_api7 months ago

    Thanks. However the missing images are editorial and I also limited the search to editorial images.

  6. Getty Images Matt7 months ago

    That's right. Your Subscription provides you with access to a portion of our Editorial catalog, not the entire catalog. So when you run searches with your key, you're seeing images from that portion only.

    And the Try The API page provides access to a different portion of our catalog.

  7. snip_api7 months ago

    I search the images using my account on Getty images. The results should be the same as the API

  8. snip_api7 months ago

    I search the images using my account on Getty images. The results should be the same as the API

  9. Getty Images Matt7 months ago

    When you search on and you're signed in, you need to manually flip the Editorial Subscription filter in order to see just images from your Editorial Subscription. After you do this, the results should match what you get in API search results. If you don't set that filter, then you're seeing images from the entire catalog of editorial content. Some will be images from your subscription, but many will not.

    If you want your API account to behave in this same way, to show you images from the entire catalog, then that's something we can update in your account configuration. If you then wanted your API search results to show just your subscription images, you'd need to set the product_types filter to "editorialsubscription". Alternatively, you could include the product_types field in your request. The response will then tell you the product_types value for every image., Those with a value of "editorialsubscription" will be images from your subscription.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if it's still unclear.

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