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Filtering out similar looking images from Search response

  1. We are consuming Getty APIs to show creative images based on the search term specified by user. On numerous occasions we display similar looking images on our website. When I do same search on I see that only 1 image displayed and rest of the similar looking images are not shown. For e.g. for 'saucer' search term we 10 almost similar looking images ("827208794", "827208802", "827208818", "827208856") but on getty there is just 1 image from that group. Is there any parameter in API or field in search response that we can use to filter out such images?

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  2. Getty Images Matt11 months ago

    Hi... can you please provide us with the image ID you are passing to the /images/id/similar endpoint that returns all of those coffee bean images?

  3. Getty Images Matt11 months ago

    Actually it looks like you're not using the Similars endpoint.

    Try setting the sort_order parameter on your search requests to most_popular. And then also set your searches to the same. I think this will improve your results. But let us know how it looks.

  4. microsoft_cms_connect11 months ago

    Hi, I tried the "most popular" sort parameter. After this similar looking images were not present in search result. However comparing results displayed on Getty site with the result we get, it looks like only 30% (approximate number) of the results match. I just want to understand does Getty site consumes the same API? If yes, does your rendering engine implement any kind of logic before rendering the results?

    I just want to understand why there is a difference between our results and results displayed on Getty site.

  5. Getty Images Matt11 months ago

    Your API search results are automatically filtered to the images in your license agreement, whereas results are not automatically filtered, so you're seeing results from our entire catalog. You'd need to log in to the site with a username that has access to your Premium Access agreement, and then filter the results to show just those images.

    Also, creative image searches on the site are automatically sort by Best Match. You'll need to manually flip it to Most Popular in order to get the results to match your API search results that are being set to Most Popular.

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