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Image search by Thinkstock item number

  1. Hello,

    We are a web design agency and are trying to use your api to get thumbnail urls for Thinkstock images. Our clients use our platform to supply their text, images etc when launching a new site. What we would like to do is display a thumbnail image and make a record of the Thinkstock image download page url when a client supplies an item number taken from Thinkstock. This way we can provide direct download links to our design team. We have 3 Pro Thinkstock subscriptions.

    I'm currently able to get all of the info I need when doing a search as long as it is not an iStock photo. How can we get an api key that will return iStock image detials?


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  2. Getty Images Matt11 months ago

    Hi... your Sandbox key is highly restricted in terms of the images it has access to (very few of them are from the Thinkstock site). And your Embed key restricts you to all of our "embeddable" images. Some of those may be on the Thinkstock site, but not all.

    What we need to do is get you a key that has access to all images found on Thinkstock. Can you reach out to us offline? apisupport at gettyimages dot com.

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