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Filtering out vectors or eps files from search results

  1. Hi, I'm integrating the API and trying to filter out vector type results. I tried checking the .jpg file_type option, but vector files are still appearing. Any suggestions on how to achieve what I'm looking for?

    Thanks! Eduardo

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  2. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    Hi... that file_type filter is a bit confusing, sorry. It simply looks for assets that have JPG file in it's suite of available files. Which is all images - we always provide a JPG file for every asset in our catalog. It doesn't provide you with images that ONLY have JPGs in it's suite of files.

    Have you tried applying "NOT vector" to your search phrases? Something like that should help to prevent vector files from appearing in your search results.

  3. Mark Pitman9 months ago

    You can also try graphical_styles=photography

  4. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    Yeah. What Mark said. :-)

  5. posterhouse_gettyapi9 months ago

    Hi, thank you both for your help. The problem with graphical_styles=photography is that it leaves out illustration type files that are not vector files. For example, some botanical illustrations or drawings stop appearing on results when I specify that option.

    We let our users search for whatever they want, so I think applying "NOT vector" as a search phrase is not an option.

    Isn't there an option to leave out only vector files? We do print on demand, so vector icon sets and related results are not useful for us. But illustrations and drawings are results that we want to include, so we need to differentiate by the nature of the file, not graphical style (photography vs illustration).

  6. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    I agree, it's definitely not an option to require your users to add "NOT vector" to their search. However you could add that to every search request that is sent via our API, and your users would never now.

    For instance, someone does a search for "unicorn", and instead of sending "unicorn" to us, you would actually send "unicorn NOT vector".

  7. posterhouse_gettyapi9 months ago

    Hi Matt,

    Sure, we could do that. The problem is adding NOT vector to the query changes the results (some expected results stop appearing). It's also not 100% effective in terms of filtering out vector files (icon sets still appear in our results). Isn't there an option to differentiate between vector/raster file? If not, is there any chance something like this could be included in the API's params for the search endpoint?

  8. Getty Images Matt9 months ago

    We don't today provide a filter that will specifically remove vector art from search results, but we're looking into the problem to see what can be done. I can't make any promises of a short turn around, but we should be able to get something on our roadmap for this.

    In the meantime, can you provide the IDs of some images that are the kind of stuff you don't want? We can take a look at their metadata and possibly suggest some other keyword-based method for filtering them out.

  9. posterhouse_gettyapi9 months ago

    Hi Matt,

    These are some IDs of stuff we wouldn't want. This is in particular for a search of "cars" or car related searches:

    865115390 538991552 864113982 865328450 864006928

    If you need more IDs let me know.

    I tried adding "NOT vector" to queries and it works well in filtering out some vectors but not all of them. I tried adding "NOT vector NOT icon" to remove icons, but it didn't work right. Can we add more then on "NOT" to the query?


  10. createmycookbook_api8 months ago

    +1 we're having this issue too. hate having to explain to a customer that the image they chose can't be used.

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