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Ordered results while searching

  1. While searching for images in Getty UI and searching for images via Getty search API The resulting set of order of images are not matching. Though i have included the same parameters while searching in UI and searching in API. Our expectation is to match with the same order , is this possible ?

    PS : I am including my api-key and auth header also while searching for images

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  2. Getty Images Matt6 months ago

    Hi... I'm looking in our logs at your API search requests coming from your production key. And I can tell that either your application is not including a token in the authorization header, or it's not a fully authorized token.

    You'll want to be sure that you're getting a token from either Client Credentials or Resource Owner OAuth calls, and then including that in all subsequent calls. Doing so will automatically filter your results down to the content in your license agreement. And I assume that when you're searching on, you're toggling the Premium Access filter. This is how you get the search results to match between the two systems.

    Also, your API requests do not have a sort_order specified, so it's defaulting to Newest. Make sure your search results are also set to that.

    Hope that helps, let us know if you need more info.


  3. timeIncEditorial_gettyapi6 months ago

    Hi Matt, I checked our api calls again and i am including client credentials auth header in our search api calls. I see the number of results are also not matching with getty UI.

    For example if we search for "machu pichu" in the UI without any filters(only sort_order is best match) and from api the resulting numbers are 19,039 and 18,280. The results are not in same order but other strange thing is if i change the filter to newest the order is matching exactly .

    Can you please provide more insights ??

  4. Getty Images Matt6 months ago

    Can you please contact me to discuss this further? I'm not quite understanding your workflow and how you're using Thanks!

    matt.dahlgren at

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