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New functionality: download with iStock Team Credits - 2018-03-30

  1. This week, we release an update that lets iStock users download images using their iStock Team Credits.

    First, the /products response now provides you with the number of team credits held by the authenticated iStock user via the "team_credits" field. Here's an example. Note that "credits_remaining" indicates the number of personal credits held by the user.

    1. {
    2.   "products": [
    3.     {
    4.       "application_website": "iStockPhoto",
    5.       "credits_remaining": 62,
    6.       "download_limit": null,
    7.       "download_limit_duration": null,
    8.       "download_limit_reset_utc_date": null,
    9.       "downloads_remaining": null,
    10.       "expiration_utc_date": null,
    11.       "id": 0,
    12.       "name": null,
    13.       "status": "active",
    14.       "type": "creditpack",
    15.       "agreement_name": null,
    16.       "imagepack_resolution": null,
    17.       "team_credits": 4
    18.     }
    19.   ]
    20. }

    Second, the /downloads/images/{id} and /downloads/videos/{id} requests now have a "use_team_credits" parameter that, when set to "true", will use team credits to download the specified image. Setting the value to "false" or excluding the parameter entirely will download the image with the user's personal credits. Example request:

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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