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Can I use images from the API for Free ?

  1. Hi, I've been testing the Getty Images Search API on a new project of mine and so far it's working great. The only issue I have is that I don't understand if I really have the rights to use these images on my website. They are not watermarked and if I go to the Pricing section of Getty website it seems that it can get to roughly $200 per image download. Does that mean I can use them as long as I don't download them on my server ? If someone can help me understand that, I don't want to start using the API and then in a few weeks get a call with a big invoice :)

    Message edited by Emmanuel Bellity 3 months ago

  2. Getty Images Matt3 months ago

    Hi Emmanuel... content accessed with your Embed key can only be used per the Embed Terms & Conditions... meaning you can only post content to your site by using the oEmbed URL provided in the API search responses.

    But it sounds like that may not be what you're after, so I'm having a rep contact you via email to discuss licensing options.



  3. Emmanuel Bellity3 months ago

    Hi Matt, thanks for your answer. Embed could actually work. But I'm using the Getty Images API Ruby SDK, and it doesn't seem like there's an oEmbed URL in the responses from the API.

    Here is an example of an image object I get : {"id"=>"905948376", "asset_family"=>"creative", "caption"=>"Cropped shot of a happy family having dessert together on Christmas", "collection_code"=>"EPL", "collection_id"=>712, "collection_name"=>"E+", "display_sizes"=>[{"is_watermarked"=>false, "name"=>"thumb", "uri"=>""}], "license_model"=>"royaltyfree", "max_dimensions"=>{"height"=>3746, "width"=>5616}, "title"=>"This sure is a special occasion"}

    At the moment I'm just using the URI that is in there. It says the license is royalty free and it seems to be a small format, so I was thinking maybe that's a portion of your images that I can actually use ? Or do I need to add a snippet of code around the image URL for it to be a proper embed ? Thanks, Emmanuel

  4. Getty Images Matt3 months ago

    The SDKs are not geared toward our Embed product and are instead written with the standard Getty Images customer in mind - a company with a license agreement that gives them access to a specific pool of images and/or videos.That's why you're not seeing the uri_oembed field in the Search responses. Of course, you can modify it so that the requests include this field.

    The oEmbed URI points to the HTML code (and other metadata) that would be used to properly display an image on your site. This page on our site describes our Embed product at a high level:

    About "royaltyfree"... that's a rather poorly named thing. The images are not free. It means that the end user does not pay royalties to the photographer based on how the image is being used. Instead the customer pays a flat fee and can use the image however they want.

  5. Emmanuel Bellity3 months ago

    Got it, thanks. It seems that I can restrict the API to embed content only by using "with_embed_content_only("true")"

    But I'm not sure how I can modify it so that the requests include the uri_oembed field. Do you mean that I need to modify the code of the SDK ? Or is there a simple parameter I can append to the API request ?

  6. Emmanuel Bellity3 months ago

    I ended up taking the image IDS and making additional API calls to the embed API endpoints (like here in order to get the oEmbed uri, it seems to be working fine now. Thanks

  7. designity_gettyapi3 months ago

    Hello. Can anyone help me with issue i am faceing about how to get prices of images i am showing on my website from getty images api. I want to know what parameters i have to send in api to get image prices so that i can show prices on my website?

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