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Still waiting for API Key

  1. I've been registered for 6 days and haven't received and api key. I am missing something?

    Message edited by nyzproof333 5 days ago

  2. Getty Images Matt3 weeks ago

    Hi there... we're in the process of decommissioning our registration and sandbox key program. If you'd like access to test our API, I can connect you with someone from our Sales team.


  3. nyzproof3333 weeks ago

    Yes please, I would like to test the API.

  4. wdp5 days ago

    Hi there.

    We have just setup the developer account for test the Istock API but still getting "You don't have any keys yet!".

    When we do research on it then found you are in the process of decommissioning your registration and sandbox key program so can you please provide some test API key and API secret.


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