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downloads/videos endpont `size` param

  1. For the downloads/videos endpoint, what are my options for the size param?

    Message edited by animoto_gettyapi 2 weeks ago

  2. Getty Images Matt2 weeks ago

    Sorry, it's not a totally clear thing!

    Use the "name" values that are obtained from the download_sizes field in the /videos/{id} response. If you don't specify a value in the downloads request, then you'll simply get the URL for the largest available file. Which may often be a giant 4k video file.

  3. animoto_gettyapi2 weeks ago

    Thanks Matt. I guess I'm having trouble getting download_size to appear as a parameter in the search response. I'm passing "&fields=detail_set" as a param, and I'm getting a bunch of attributes from the detail_set (allowed_use, artist, mastered_to, etc.). I am not getting "display_sizes", however. Maybe the type of videos I'm requesting don't have that data attribute? I'm requesting "license_models=rightsready&release_status=fully_released" videos.

  4. animoto_gettyapi2 weeks ago

    Sorry, to clarify I AM getting display_sizes. I'm NOT getting download_sizes

  5. animoto_gettyapi2 weeks ago

    I just checked, "" is also not returning download_sizes so it's likely not an issue with license/release params...

  6. animoto_gettyapi2 weeks ago

    Oh i see, you cant get that data via the search endpoint, you have to make another request for metadata by video_id. OK thanks for your help!

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